Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love Hurts

One thing I am afraid to happen,
is to leave me for all of the sudden.
Because I opened my heart and love again
to make me feel that I will dance again

When you truly love a person,
you give your best
and let that person see,
the pureness of your intention

But that person hurts us
and leave us for the wrong reason
that person must not be true to us
and didn't value our offering of endless love

    I am thankful because that person hurt me
      not because that person was once a part of me
and not because that person leaved me
   but because she made me fight and stand to thee

I will wait again for that sun to rise
to welcome new love that is so nice
I will not let my heart be hurt anymore
so that my heart will not be, like a core

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