Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Rejoice in Harmony

Constantly knocking at your doors,
Open up, open up, we have a message to deliver,
For you we offer peace, come, we must be one,
Open up and let us sing praises:

For there is one God, the Father;
One mediator between God and man,
Our Lord Christ Jesus,
One true church, then and now;

Feel the essence of life, we must be one,
Blend love, unity and charity,
In our hearts peace will reign,
We rejoice in harmony.

We open our hearts together,
We greet each morning with a smile,
We breathe the freshness of the day,
We laugh, we shed tears and we sing.

Yes, in unity we rise up and shine!

---Crisante E. Igama---
Laguna, Philippines
Pasugo (God's Message)
May 2007,Vol 59

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