Sunday, October 3, 2010

God's Divine Love

          In life, we always encounter trials, sometimes tough, sometimes we want them to be blown by the wind but for me, life is not unfair. It's just a matter of accepting and learning some lessons that life is giving to us.
          We should always thank the Almighty because he is not making us experience grieving but instead, he gives us blessings everyday. Although we can;t realize that what we have daily  is what God had given to us. Sometimes, he let us experience pain for us to acknowledge his presence. He gives us challenges for a purpose that we must get lessons from his tests, he wants to mold us to be a better person and to take away all the impurities that stayed inside our hearts. There are also times that God seems to unkind to us but I tell you, God is too good to be unkind. he always find solutions to our unanswered problems. He never leaves us but he always with us especially in times what we are down. We should always put in our minds what God say. " For I know my plans better than you". So God promised that he is working for our best and he doesn't want you to lean on your own understanding., that you must realize  that he is always your weapon, a healer, and the greatest physician. Remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins because he love us and he care for us and no matter what will happen, he will always with us and especially he will carry nor lift us up. Praying is just the key for us to communicate with him because through praying, God will surely listen to us and will  answer us at the vest time you need it. praying has no limitations. Just ask help with all your heart, a sincere heart and he will not refuse to help you.  He do not need any material things in this world but he only need our trust and faith because through trust and faith, we are saved.
          Life without God is like life living without a purpose but living with God is life full of purpose because he promised that whoso believeth in him will have eternal life.

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markangeloalegre said...

yeah. God loves us so much.he is our savior and life.