Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waiting The Right One

Why do love seems so unkind to me?
that makes my heart filled with thorns in thee,
I don't know what must I gonna do
to find that love that I am dreaming to you

Sometimes I question why my life is like this
that everyday, I'm always experiencing crisis?
I want to find that right person for me
to make my heart like dancing with glee

Is this not yet the right time?
for me to feel love that is so blime?
or love is just waiting for the right season
that I will love again for the right person.

I just wait for that rose to bloom
and give it vigilance inside a loam
because it is like loving with tender care
so that It will not lost and no one will dare

We should be thankful if love hurts us
because it will help and will motivate us
all we have to do is to accept the reality
that we must move on and welcome a new personality.

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