Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Im Yours Forever

Love was never my favorite subject
I’ve always felt I had to object;
That love was splendor and that it was,
But to me it’s like a stinging wasp.

I can take a full blown strike and punch,
I face all the hardships all at once,
But all of a sudden love comes in
And it weakens me hard like a sin.

Why, O why do you do this to me?
You make me cry and weep for all to see.
You say you care, you say you do
But do you really mean I love you?

Are you serious or is this a joke?
Please tell me and don’t you dare choke.
Come and get me before I run out the door,
Because I don’t want to hurt anymore.

               By:  Eliazar Nico Sales
                                  # 41 - I A. Mabini St., West Rembo, Makati City


Angelica Ramis said...

This is it!

markangeloalegre said...

I am pleased with the message. I like it.