Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Bestfriend

This letter was sent to me by a friend of mine through email. Let us read his story. Be inspired to his story.

          I've tried my best to remove this feelings that I have for me to forget her face on my mind and her precious name in my heart but as I force myself to forget all about her, I'm slowly killing myself. I love her for no such reason. I want to see her face even just for a moment of her smile because seeing her smiling is the reason for me to live and love her endlessly.
          She is my best friend. i could not believe that I fall to her. She was a neighbor and a childhood friend whom  I later considered as my best friend but those ordinary expectations turned to something different. something extraordinary, a special feeling that touched the depth of my heart. Before this all happens, I was attracted to someone else, she's my crush, a dear to me. I dare to share this kind of feeling I had for my crush to my best friend. i let her saw the picture of her. I never saw any hint of jealousy on her face, so I thought that I was perfectly okay with her. I don't know what made my best friend so special to me. i just knew that when my best friend told me that she got a boyfriend, I became jealous. On that time, my feelings for my crush had deeply vanished. All I knew was.. I was hurt, hurt by my best friend's revelations. I shed tears that night, tears of solitude. Since then, she hardly spent time with me. She stopped hanging around with me visiting at our house where we used to enjoy others company. She always with her boyfriend's barkada and this really bothered me. I would be hypocrite if I say that I don't love nor like her. Now i am totally in love with my best friend. My best friend who is now committed to someone else. I was in pain. I'm facing the hard task of mustering the confidence and courage to reveal my love for her. But then her cousin told me that she will be leaving and I don't know the reason why she had to do that. I felt the pain inside of me, thinking that she will be leaving without knowing my true feelings for her. "That her best friend loves her quietly, all this time"
          How I wish i could tell her everything..
         How I wish she could love me too..
          But how? I'm just her best friend. I fear that she cannot accept me, the feelings that I had for her that she will think that the friendship we had is full of pretending.Come what may, my love will always be there for my bestfriend. Never would I think that in love, there is a side from a happy one to a lonely ending.
          I'll always be waiting, longing for that day.. the right time, the right place when all that I feel will be revealed to her.

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