Monday, September 20, 2010

Trust is our Weapon

 Trust is our Weapon

As I walked through the journey of my life,
I surpassed those struggles with strife
I crossed the deep narrow oceans behind
And leaved them with lessons in my mind

Sometimes, we cant realize that all things work for our good
That no matter how hard that trial, we should not refuse
Because He will carry you when you cant carry on
Just believe in yourself and you'll never be alone.

Trials are not the reason for you to be sad,
trials are not the reason for you to lose hope
and trials are not the reason for you to give up
but to motivate and to fight to keep it up.

Life is not unfair because this is a gift
never put it down but you must lift
because life is the product of trust and belief
that you must manage and you are the chief

Do not ask why this things are done to you
Do not ask questions why challenges are always with you
but to thank the Almighty that he gave you another chance
to continue your battle for one more chance.

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