Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who Am I

            The physical attribute doesn't count on how you judge a person. thus, you must see the pureness of his/her heart and intention, that's how I describe myself as a person.
            I am a person who knows how to fight my rights as an individual. Rights in the sense that nobody could belittle me nor destroy my reputations. I am earsplitting but deep inside my heart measures my capabilities to love people wherever I am. Even-though how provocative I am, still i'm not cursing people nor a gold digger but to love and accept them as my brothers and sisters. I am also jolly and cheerful. Behind my happiness and joy  hides my emotional trap in my heart. Im the person who wants to experience true love, who will accept me and love me for who I am but I cannot question anything about it. Life is very unfair for me. Why am i always experiencing so much trial?why always tears and pain? I just bear in mind that whatever happens to me, everything has its own purpose. To add more, I am a person who knows how to share my opportunities to others. If i already feel that God gives me a bountiful blessings, I know how to think others concern. In the other hand, music gives me a self satisfaction. Playing an instrument is such a gift from above.i am good in dancing and sing some of my favorite songs. i know that whatever I have now that God given to me, I will treasure it for a lifetime.
           My life is an echo, It gives back to what I had given. Who am I now will be who am I forever. i will never forget those good things in my life. I shall not want them to be buried in the ground but to develop them so that I can use them in the future.


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