Friday, September 24, 2010

The Withered Love

When I met you, my heart started to dance
My soul is living with gladness
and my mind is full of inspiration
That's why I love you, I give you my salutation

Even though I'm too far to comfort you
Still my heart is beating only for you
i may not touch your hands when you're sad,
but I will touch your heart to make you glad.

When the seed that we planted began to wither,
you decided to go and leave me unaware
but by vigilance I gave to that seed
and walk away, and begin to secede.

Sometimes I question why it did not grow
And give my life with full of sorrow
I dont have any option but to plow
and started a new seed for me to sow.

I hope one day you'll come back to me
because my love is only with thee
I will not question why you leaved me
but to thank you that you've become a part of me.

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